Juleisy Gonzalez

I enjoyed working with Juleisy! She did an excellent job and a very natural model. She is obviously not afraid to pose in front of the camera. Thank you!

Photographer: Derrick Williams 
Model: Juleisy Gonzalez 
Retouched: Derrick Williams 
Location: Greensboro Downtown 

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FINALLY! I am exciting to introduce you to my new blog! Yes, It is about time! I have been brainstorming and coming up with many ideas for my new blog. This is a place where I put my hope to continue share my life, my passion, my work and different stories from my most recent blogs. I cannot wait to start this new adventure with many of you! I have so many dreams for this business, so many places that I would love to go and share awesome ideas with professional photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion designers, and people with other awesome talents.

Photography is an art and I love capturing shots of beautiful people with creative hair, unique makeup, ironic clothes, theme props and scenery in the backgrounds! Most importantly, don't be afraid to communicate and share your ideas with me! You will find me easy to work with, very welcoming, fun, creative, open-minded, flexible, funny, and professional.

Please be sure to check my blog often for posts about recent fashion, magazine editorial, commercial, behind the scenes with pictures/videos and more. Most importantly SHARE SHARE SHARE this blog with your family and friends. Please do not hesitate if you have any questions or ideas, shoot us an email to: dwfashionphoto@gmail.com. I am excited and ready to launch my first blog next! I look forward to start updating my blog more often and show off my best work!

Psst, keep your eyes out for more upcoming surprises for 2014 and 2015! 

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